Welcome to a world of opportunity, style, privilege and excitement, yet a world of boxes and thousands of things to pack unpack and a lot to get overwhelmed by!

This is my world on a daily basis! Stressful? Not a bit. Knowledge, patience and a good strong coffee can settle even the busiest day.

After years of moving, searching for the perfect spot to call home, packing, unpacking, and relocating sometimes twice a year for job related reasons, I think I’ve got a handle on it. Having to go over the process several times I know first hand how challenging searching for the perfect place can become, not to mention all the stress of having to sell your home. For all that, it really is rewarding. Once the last box has been tossed away and the family gathers around the table a sense of accomplishment and pride takes over.

I have made it my job to moderate your stress when buying or selling by offering you the tools to make an informed decision. A decision that for many of us is one of the most serious in life. A house is definitely one of the most expensive purchases a family can make, and to me, getting you your money’s worth is my priority.


Welcome to the world of Real Estate

Emmanuella Symeonaki

Associate Broker/Realtor®

Executive Club Award




Cell: 1-902-877-54-89

Halifax, NS


*all my listings are MLS® listings unless specified otherwise.


"I have known Emmanuella for almost a year. Emmanuella is the kindest and most professional real estate agent I ever met. She is a very good listener, a dedicated, honest and hard-working professional who exceeded my expectations when I was looking for real estate. I recommend Emmanuella whole heartedly".

Christiane Haag

Business Owner

“It was very nice of you to invite me for your agent's open house. I am in the real estate industry since 1997 and attended many open houses. I have never seen a reception arranged by any agent like this. Your previous experience, imagination, aggressive and ambitious starting will definitely  lift you up in your business field. All the best wishes.”

Titus Gomez

Connect Realty

“Nowadays it’s very hard finding someone who is passionate with what they do for living, Emmanuella is hard working, creative, smart, organized and intelligent...”

Ashraf  Eldah

MZDH NS Builders

“...Words cannot convey my gratitude to you for selling my house. By taking your advice I was able to arrange my home in such a way that it appealed to prospective buyers. To any one who is selling their home and wishes to have the best price and a quick sale I say this; if you take Emmanuelle’s advice and do as she says you will find that you will be very happy with the result.  

Once again Emmanuelle thank you very much and I will be using as my Realtor when I move back.” 

Norman Anthony Phee 
North York, Ontario

. “It was a pleasure having you as our agent. You went above & beyond. Good luck in your career.”

Joanna & Joe Berube

Service Couple

“To all friends, family and even strangers ! If you are ever in need of a Real Estate agent to buy or sell a home ! You will NEVER find one better, more professional, caring, personable, polite, and so knowledgeable than Emmanuella Symeonaki ! I am not kidding ! She makes everything go so smoothly and make the whole thing such a wonderful experience ! THANK YOU from the bottom of our hearts Emmanuella!”

Sylvie LeBlanc

Navy Wife

“Thank you for all you have done over the past few months. I appreciate it more than you know...”

J. Lisi

Naval Officer

“Awesome is the only word to describe you - thanks Emmanuella!”

  1. C.Sutherland

Navy Commander

“It took less than a week for Emmanuella to perfectly understand what we wanted and find the perfect house for us. It was so refreshing to work with someone who truly cares and understands the human aspect of the overwhelming process that buying a house is. She made this experience fun and extremely exciting for us. We are sincerely grateful to her for all the efforts she did and for her outstanding work. We cannot wait to set foot in our new home. This is all thanks to you Emmanuella.”

S.R. Master Seaman

“We recently sold and bought a home through Emmanuella Symeonaki . She was absolutely wonderful.We had downsized our home for condo living and she was so understanding and compassionate throughout the entire process.She was there for us through it all. the sale and the purchase of our new home. She is a very professional real estate agent. We highly recommend her if your looking for an agent to be there for you.We never had to wait for a phone call. She was there to get in contact  with every time and also she made us feel like we were her only clients. Emmanuella really does work hard for her clients.We highly recommend her.”

Debbie & Marshall Laviolette

July 2012